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Our Locations

Wound Hospital – Berwick

Located at St. John of God Hospital
Gibb Street, Berwick
VIC 3806

Ph: 13 96 86

Wound Hospital – Brunswick

Located at Brunswick Private Hospital
82 Moreland Road, Brunswick
VIC 3805

Ph: 13 96 86

Wound Hospital – Sydney

Ground Floor
46-50 Kent Road, Mascot
NSW 2020

Ph: 13 96 86

About Our Treatments

Diabetic leg wounds/ulcers and radiotherapy injuries are essentially all wounds that are either on the outside or the inside of the body. They all share the same issue, which is underlying hypoxia (insufficient oxygen), which is usually due to poor blood supply.

The first thing that must be achieved before you can expect a non-healing wound to heal is to deliver oxygenated blood to the wound area.

In people with diabetes or people who have undergone radiotherapy treatment, the small blood vessels are compromised. Hyperbaric treatment, among other things, establishes new small blood vessels (microvascular systems). This is not something that can be done by a surgeon's hand or by a drug. For people with compromised circulation, the only way to create new small blood vessels is by breathing pure oxygen in a hyperbaric chamber.

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